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Monday, June 25, 2018   /   by Evelyn Lopes

HomeWard Bound Newsletter July 2018

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JULY 2018

Evelyn Lopes

The Evelyn Lopes Realty Team

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Celebrate Canada’s 151!!

July 1st 1867 is a momentous day in history for all Canadians– AND so is the day we buy our own home!!! Owning Real Estate, especially your own home, is an exciting celebration!

In today’s market, many home owners really want to make a move, but are finding themselves in a catch 22 – whether to sell first or buy first.  They don’t want to end up getting stuck owning two homes or none at all. I am sure you will join me in saying we can’t blame them.  I also believe that you agree with me on this; home ownership is good for ALL.  The more who can buy a home, the more who can sell a home, the more our economy benefits.  And as Alexander Graham Bell once said, “When one doors closes, another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us.”- Alexander Graham Bell, Canadian inventor of the telephone. 

Fortunately, I have a special program for Home Owners wanting to move and Buyers wanting to buy in Today’s market that turns the tables on this CATCH 22.

Over the last 29+ years of selling real estate, I have been able to develop and successfully implement a program that allows me to guarantee the sale of a property.  Yes, you read that right.  Actually, guarantee in writing the sale of a home. Evidently,
a program like this gives sellers GREAT PEACE OF MIND (a true celebration of   independence from fear).   I guarantee, up front and in writing, that if their home does not sell at their price and within their time frame – I will step in and buy it.


The conditions are simple: the seller and I must agree on price and possession date.  


Buyers benefit too, because we are able to ensure they get the home they want and back up their     purchase with a satisfaction guarantee: if they are not happy with the home, we will buy it back. This obviously is a win-win for all involved.  

And re
member… Your referrals really do help the Children…

Who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to my real estate sales team?  Not only will they benefit from our award-winning service, but the kids at the Children’s Hospital will benefit as well. 


Just give me a call or pass my number on to anyone you know considering buying or selling. My number is 905-965-5902


You and your referrals mean more than ever to my team and I.  As we move forward in this new season, please know we are extremely thankful for you and you being a special part of our business. 


Thank you in advance for the referrals!


With sincere appreciation,

Evelyn Lopes

The Evelyn Lopes Realty Team


P.S. The story of this young person enclosed may cause you to look at your loved ones differently.  It did me. Check it out.