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Caledon ON Canadian National Real Estate Market Update
Whether you're a homeowner or thinking about becoming one, this update will provide you with valuable insights into the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the real estate market.
Mastering Your Move: Insider Tips for a Stress-Free move | DOWNSIZING
Attention all movers! ???? Get ready to conquer your next move with ease and leave stress behind! ???? In our latest YouTube video, "Mastering Your Move: Insider Tips for a Stress-Free Move | DOWNSIZING," we've gathered a treasure trove of insider secrets to ensure your relocation is smooth sailing from start to finish.
What are the COSTS OF SELLING A HOME in Ontario
If you are thinking of selling your home you may be asking, What are the costs of selling a home in the province of Ontario? and How much money will I have left in my pocket after all the expenses are paid? In this video, you will get details of all the costs and expenses involved in selling your home. With this information and these tips you will uncover the true costs of selling your home and you will uncover how much money you will keep in your pocket after selling your house.
TIPS on How to OWN A HOME in high priced Toronto GTA- 5 Unique Approaches
Hey there, future homeowners! ?? Are you feeling like you need to win the lottery to buy a home in the high priced real estate market within the Toronto GTA? Well, we've got good news for you! ?? Introducing 5 creative strategies to help you afford your dream home. I'm Evelyn Lopes from The Evelyn Lopes Realty Team and iPro Realty, serving Peel, Halton, Dufferin, and Wellington.

Check out this video to uncover 5 Unique Approaches to Owning a Home in Toronto's GTA.??
How to Move to Caledon Without Breaking the Bank
Does it ever feel like you’d need to win the lottery to afford a home? ?? Don’t give up! Watch this video to learn about a strategy you can use to buy a home with a limited budget.
TOP QUESTIONS to ask before hiring a MOVING company
Are you planning a move and feeling overwhelmed with the number of moving companies out there? Choosing the right moving company can make all the difference, but how do you know which one is the right fit for your needs? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this video, we've compiled the top 19 questions to ask before hiring a moving company.
SELLING YOUR HOME: What Not to upgrade and Improve
Selling your home can be a stressful and overwhelming process, but upgrading and improving your home before listing it on the market can help attract potential buyers and increase your chances of a successful sale. However, not all upgrades and improvements are worth the investment when it comes to selling your home. In fact, some upgrades may even hurt your chances of a successful sale or not yield a high return on investment. That's why in this episode, we'll discuss what not to fix, upgrade and improve when selling your home to save you time, money, and headaches. Whether you're a homeowner, a home flipper, a DIY (do it yourself) home seller, these home selling tips will help you increase your home's value and enable you to avoid costly home selling mistakes, make informed decisions and best decisions to get your home market-ready. If you are ready to dive into the world of selling your home and discover what NOT to upgrade and improve, then this real estate video is a must watch!

5 Simple Tactics to KEEP YOUR HOME CLEAN all year long

Is your home constantly in need of a spring cleaning? Look no further! In this video, Evelyn Lopes of The Evelyn Lopes Realty Team and iPro Realty shares some simple tactics that will help your home stay clean and organized all year long.

The first strategy is to create a cleaning schedule that includes daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Breaking up cleaning tasks into smaller, manageable chunks will help you stay on track and keep your home looking its best.

Another tactic is to make cleaning a daily habit. Taking just a few minutes each day to tidy up and put things away, like cleaning up after meals or hanging up towels after use, will prevent clutter from piling up and make it easier to keep your home clean.

Getting the whole family involved is also key to maintaining a clean home. Assigning specific tasks or setting up a rotating cleaning schedule will not only make cleaning more efficient, but it will also teach your kids valuable life skills and help them develop a sense of responsibility.

Evelyn also recommends handling small tasks right away to reduce the need for lengthy cleaning sessions. By bringing items with you when you leave a room, like dishes or laundry, and hanging up coats and putting away shoes and purses right when you come home, you can keep your home neater and minimize the amount of cleaning needed each week.

MORTGAGE RENEWAL TIPS What you need to know
Are you struggling with questions about mortgage renewals? Are you looking for ways to optimize your cash flow? Thinking about investing and need funds? Then you won't want to miss this episode - Mortgage Renewal Tips- What you need to know. This is an excerpt from our podcast- Realty Bytes- Conversations on Real Estate and Lifestyle. In this episode host Evelyn Lopes speaks candidly with mortgage agent Walid Mutahar from Garland Mortgages. In this informative episode, we dive deep into the world of refinancing, lines of credit, equity takeouts, and reverse mortgages. We also explore investment properties, payment strategies, and best practices for qualifying and getting approved for the mortgage that best fits your needs. With Walid's expert guidance and Evelyn's insightful questions, you'll walk away from this video feeling confident and empowered to take control of your financial future. Don't miss out on this valuable information - watch now!

Do you currently own a property,? If you have had the property for a while, you more than likely have built up equity in your home. Did you know that you can unlock and access the equity in your home to help you achieve other goals that you may be considering. In todays video we are speaking with Walid Mutahar mortgage agent with Garland mortgage. Our focus is on how to access the equity in your property. This candid discussion was taken from our recent podcast. To hear the entire conversation check out our podcast Realty Bytes- Conversations on Real Estate and Lifestyle- season 1 Episode 2 for more great information.

Podcast Episode 2
Selling Your Home: The 8 Essential Steps You Need to Know
Curious as to how to sell your home like a pro? In this video, uncover the 8 Insider tips and tricks to sell real estate successfully! If you are planning to sell your home soon but feeling overwhelmed by the process- watch this video! Do you want to avoid the common mistakes that home sellers make and ensure a smooth and successful sale? From overpricing to underestimating the competition, there are many pitfalls that can cost you time, money, and stress. Don't worry, you're not alone! Selling a home can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and preparation, you can navigate it with ease. In this video, uncover the do’s and don'ts of selling your home, learn the tips and tricks that will enable you to successfully maximize your profit and minimize your stress when selling your home.
MORTGAGE Pre-Approvals- What you need to know to get FINANCING
In this video learn all about mortgage pre-approvals, what they are, how they differ from a mortgage qualification. Whether you are a first time buyer or you have purchased several homes, getting a pre-approval is essential if you need financing for your home purchase. This episode discusses what is needed to get a mortgage pre-approval. Discover the many advantages of having a pre-approved mortgage in place when you are buying a house, how sellers evaluate having a pre-approval from potential buyers and how it can help buyers negotiate better prices and terms. Check out this video to learn all about mortgage pre-approvals.
How Real Estate Impacts Your Net Worth
Here are 3 ways real estate works to grow your net worth:
?? Price Appreciation
?? Strategic Home Improvements
?? Investment Properties

Want to learn more about making sure your finances are moving in the right direction? We’ve put together an easy-to-use net worth worksheet.

Contact our team to request a copy and a FREE assessment of your home’s current market value!
Quick Home Prep Tips for a Last Minute Showing: 10 Must-Knows
Check out our latest video on how to prep your home for a last-minute showing! We understand how stressful it can be when your realtor calls with a surprise viewing, and your home isn't quite ready. That's why we created this video- Quick Home Prep Tips for a Last Minute Showing: 10 Must-Knows. In this video you will find out how our seller was able to use these 10 tips to quickly get their home “show ready” in 15 minutes. From decluttering to creating a fresh scent, we've got all the advice you need to impress potential buyers. Plus, we've included a bonus tip that many people forget to do, but that makes a huge impact! So, sit back, relax, and watch the video for some expert tips on prepping your home for a successful showing.
5 Common Reasons Area Homes Aren’t Selling
If you’ve struggled to get your home sold… Or have delayed a listing because you’re worried your home won’t sell… Then this message is for you. In this video, I share the Top 5 most common reasons why homes don’t sell. If you’re frustrated because your home has not or is not selling then you won’t want to miss this video. Understanding what may be preventing your home from selling and more importantly focusing on solutions to overcome these obstacles, will help you to get sold!
Mortgage Renewal & Refinance Tips | How to Save Money
Is your mortgage coming due and you are concerned because of the higher interest rates? There are actions that you can take if you find that your mortgage rate is too high for your comfort level upon renewal. With increasing and higher mortgage rates many homeowners are feeling stressed. Are you wondering what you can do, if you find that your mortgage rate is too high upon the renewal date? Are you dreading the thought of paying higher mortgage rates upon renewal? Are you struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments? Are you feeling…. overwhelmed? You’re not alone! The good news is… there are numerous options you can take to control the situation, lower your monthly costs, save money and reduce your stress! Sounds helpful?....Then check out this video to learn 8 Tips you can use when renewing your mortgage or when refinancing. You too can save money!
What are the Pros and Cons of selling vs renting my home?
Are you trying to decide whether to sell your home or rent it out? This is a common dilemma for many homeowners. Here's the situation: You just bought a new home or are thinking about buying a new home and you are trying to decide what to do with your current property that you own and live in. Do you sell or rent it?  It’s a big decision that requires careful consideration of both the advantages and disadvantages of each option and more importantly how your choices will affect you moving forward.
Which option is both feasible and in your best interest?
In this video, we will explore the pros and cons of both selling and renting your home, so you can make an informed decision that's best for your unique situation.
Are you or someone you know looking to buy your first home? As a first time home buyer, you have likely been saving your pennies and think you’re finally ready to buy a home? In this video we will talk about some of the hidden costs that you may not be aware of when purchasing a home, so that you can be best prepared to enter the real estate market.
Discover the Top 6 Interior Design Trends for 2023. Whether you're planning to paint, renovate, or redecorate your home this year, this video is a must-watch for you. Stay ahead of the curve and increase your home's livability and value with these upcoming design trends. From color palettes to furniture styles, we've got you covered with the latest and greatest in interior design. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your home the envy of your neighbours!
How To Buy A House | Home Hunter System | EP#77
If you are searching for that perfect home, you know how much time it takes. If you keep missing out on that “perfect deal” and are feeling frustrated, then check out our VIP HOME HUNTER SERVICE- for free and with no obligation.

Our VIP Home Hunter Service will match your unique wants and needs to our proprietary list of homes, including homes from all real estate companies, off market opportunities not found on the internet, bank foreclosures, builder closeouts, must sell and other distressed properties. You will receive priority access to this proprietary information enabling you to beat out other buyers to the best deals and help you get your “perfect home”. For more information- check out the video below.
2023 Real Estate Market Outlook - Toronto GTA
EP #76

Are you selling, buying, investing, or renting a home in 2023? You won’t want to miss this real estate market update! In this video we review the national and local real estate market outlook and we share economists predictions for the coming year! Find out answers to burning questions like… ? Where are mortgage rates and home prices headed? ? When is the pace of home sales expected to pick up again? ? And what it all means for sellers, buyers, investors, and renters.
8 First Time HOME BUYER MISTAKES | WHAT they are and HOW to Avoid them!!
EP #:72

Are you looking to buy a home? The temptation is to run out and start looking at homes (which is the fun part!) BUT, before you do that, check out this list of 8 critical mistakes that most first time home buyers and even some seasoned buyers make and most importantly how to avoid these common and costly home buying mistakes!. Stay tuned to the end of this video, where I will share with you how you can get FREE and immediate ACCESS to our Report - 8 Critical Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make and How to avoid them.
The new year is a time in which we pause and reflect on where we have been, and we look forward to where we would like to go - and we create our goals for the new year 2023! Did you know that every year approximately 38.5% of North American adults make a new year’s resolution, but only about 9% will keep their resolution. When it comes to real estate it can sometimes be overwhelming. Maybe you’re thinking that this is the year that you would like to stop renting and buy your first home, perhaps you are looking to sell your current home, make a move and get something a little bigger or maybe you are thinking of downsizing. Is this the year that you have decided to invest in real estate? or maybe you just want to stay in your current home and make some improvements that you will enjoy while also making a wise ROI - return on investments to your property. Whatever YOUR real estate goals are for 2023, getting the right information can help you make informed and best decisions for you and your family and help you achieve your real estate goals. To help you navigate the world of real estate and overcome obstacles, we have created a four-part 2023 Real Estate Goal Achieving series to systematically help YOU, wherever you may be, so that you have a blueprint to achieve YOUR real estate goals. Check out this video to learn more!
Divorce and Real Estate
Divorce, if you or someone you know is going through a divorce, you know how emotional it can be. There are so many changes taking place and so many decisions to be made. It can be overwhelming! There are numerous things to consider when going through a divorce. In this video we will uncover what do you need to know about the divorce process and the implications on your real estate holdings-selling a home during a divorce- your house, your mortgage, and taxes. What are the Four options you have when getting a divorce, in terms of real estate, and your matrimonial home. Find out what five professionals you should have on your side when going through a divorce.
Mortgage Options
As the mortgage market continues to change, you will likely notice more advertisements for Mortgage rates and programs that might sound too good to be true. The financial industry is adapting and is offering more options than ever before. and some of the options are truly exciting! New products have new rules that are designed to attract people in different phases of their life journey. There are some new and revised products that you, or the people you care about , might hear about. In this video we look at some of the new or revised mortgage products offered by mortgage lenders. Although times change, money stays the same
How much should I OFFER ON A HOUSE?
Are you thinking about buying a house in 2023? Have you found the perfect home and are wondering… How much should I offer? Am I paying too much? Is it a fair price? Will my offer get accepted? Is there flexibility in the price when negotiating? There are five factors that effect the property value of a home that you should consider when developing your pricing strategy. In this video we will cover what you need to know when offering on a house and what you need to know when buying a home, whether you are a first-time buyer, a seasoned buyer, or an investor you will find this information helpful when negotiating your home purchase.
Home Owners Insurance Coverage Ultimate Guide | What you Need To Know
In this video I will give you all the information and tips that you need to know about homeowners’ insurance as well as what to look for in your policy coverage and pricing. This is the ultimate guide to homeowners’ insurance.
With the recent events of hurricanes, wild fires, floods, ice storms, and other events, people are talking about homeowners insurance coverage What is Homeowner's insurance? Why do you need it? and How do you know if you have enough Homeowner's insurance coverage for your real estate investments? Get answers to these important questions as well as an explanation of other common home insurance questions, that most homeowners ask, about home insurance coverage, whether they are buying their first home or their 10th. Learn everything you need to know about homeowners’ insurance! Not all insurance policies are created equal. Adequate homeowners’ insurance is critical. Make sure that you are covered for all YOUR needs! Find out what is and what is not covered under your policy.
In this video, you will learn everything you need to know about homeowners’ insurance!
SHOULD I SELL my home in the WINTER?
Are you WONDERING.. WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO SELL A HOME? SHOULD I SELL my home in the WINTER? Deciding on when is the best time to sell a house is an important question to ask. Should I sell now or wait? Is now a good time to sell a house? What should YOU do? Did you know that waiting for the Spring peak market may NOT be an advantage for some home sellers. In this video uncover 5 key reasons to sell BEFORE the selling season picks up, you don’t want to miss this week’s video. We will uncover 5 key reasons why selling in the winter may be your best choice.
EP. 67_HOME SELLER CHECKLIST | Getting Your Home Ready To sell
Getting your Home Ready to sell? The thought of preparing your home to sell can be daunting and well overwhelming. Where do you start? What must be done and what isn’t necessary? Need some guidance and tips to help get your home ready to sell? This video is about Getting your home ready to sell and offers some important tips that can help you in the process so that you can avoid costly mistakes and, in the end, net the most amount of money when you do sell your home. If you’re thinking about selling your home in the next 3-6 months, what you do today will make a big difference in how much you will be able to net out tomorrow. Being prepared with a plan in place will keep you focused and save you thousands.
EP. 66_12 Tips to keep your HOME SAFE this Holiday Season
This video highlights the Top 12 Tips to keep your home safe this holiday season. Now’s the Time. Did you know that the holiday period between Dec 26 and Jan 2 are amongst the busiest days for emergency visits to hospitals in Ontario thanks to hidden dangers around the house. With the upcoming festivities at hand, now is the perfect time to survey your home and address potential safety hazards. Here are 12 holiday safety tips to make sure you spend the holidays safe at home with family and friends... and out of in a cold and crowded ER’s. The Top 12 Safety Tips for a safer holiday home this Christmas season.
Ep. 65_Tips Writing and Negotiating an Offer to Purchase Real Estate
Wondering what you need to include in an offer to purchase a home? Whether you are buying a home or selling a property at some point during the process, you will be either writing an offer as the buyer or reviewing the offer as a seller. And You will also need to negotiate the offer. In today’s video we will review the 9 critical components of an agreement of purchase and sale.
Are you looking to buy a home but don't know where to start? In this video, we'll share some top home buying tips that will help you find your next home. From researching neighborhoods to discussing your budget with a home advisor, we'll cover everything you need to know to get started on your home search. We hope this video will help you find the perfect home and start your life in the right place! How do you find and buy your next home? In this video I share the top home buying tips and tricks. This valuable real estate advice will help you buy a home the right way. Once you have decided that buying a home is right for you. Once you have answered the 4 important “W’s” – Why buy a home? Where to buy a home?, What type of home to buy? and When to buy a home? And you have your financing in place with a pre-approval from your lender, the next step is to search for a home. This video will outline the important steps, tips and tricks to find and buy your next home. Stay tuned, at the end of the video, I will share with you how you can get a free copy of our Home Buyers Guide to assist you in the home buying process.
EP 63_Captioned with End Screen buyer Series #2 Securing a pre approval for your Home Loan TITLE
Are you buying your home all cash, or will you be requiring financing for the purchase? Are you wondering how to get the best financing for your home purchase? If you need a mortgage for your home purchase, one of the first steps in the home buying process will be to secure a pre-approval on your home loan. WHY... is a pre-approval so important when buying a home? The pre-approval is critical for numerous reasons. In this video we will uncover How to get the best financing when buying a home and the top tips you need to know! __ ?? Free Download white paper- The 4 W’s of Buying A Home- Checklist Download. For instant access click on the link below or scan the QR Code. the-4-ws-of-buying-a-home
EP. 62_How to Stage a house DIY Home Stagging Tips to sell Your House

Thinking of Selling your home?

You may have heard of the importance of staging your home. You may be asking - What is home stagging and why is it so important to a successful home sale and how can I inexpensively DYI stage my home.

In today’s video I will share with you what home stagging is and what it is not. I will also share with you some great easy and inexpensive home stagging tips that will outline how to stage your home to sell on your own as well as some home selling mistakes to avoid and before and after pics. At the end of this video, I will also tell you how to get a FREE Copy Of the book Home Stagging Checklist for Home Sellers.

EP. 61 How to Buy A House 4 critical Steps
Do you know how to buy a house? Did you know that there are 4 critical steps? Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. So how do you buy a house? To successfully buy a house there are 4 Critical Steps you must begin with. This video will explain the 4 Key tips to buy house. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a seasoned home buyer or a real estate investor, in this video you will uncover the 4 critical questions- the 4 W’s of Home Buying. You must answer these questions before buy a home.
EP. 60_ CALEDON What to do this FALL!
CALEDON, Ontario! – Wondering what to do in Caledon this fall? Caledon is exceptional for viewing the fall colours. Located approximately 50 minutes from downtown Toronto. This video shares a list of some great places to visit in Caledon. Caledon is one of the best places in southern Ontario to view the fall colours! The breathtaking Autumn leaves are full of vibrant colours. Drive the country roads along the Forks of the Credit, walk the trails along the escarpment and take in all nature has to offer. Photography enthusiasts will love the landscapes, scenery, and colours! Check out the local farms, for apple picking, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and local produce and baked goods- a family delight. There is something for everyone from the art enthusiast to the foodies, nature lovers, photographers, and those who just want some peace, quiet and relaxation! This video provides you with some wonderful options to explore this fall in Caledon, Ontario. Come and explore all that Caledon has to offer!
EP. 59_The Ugly Truth about how RISING INTEREST RATES Affect the Real Estate HOUSING MARKET!
The recent rising interest rates have had a huge impact! In this video we will uncover the truth about how rising interest rates are affecting the real estate housing market, overall economic activity, and You! Inflation, increased borrowing costs, implications for home buyers and home sellers, mortgage qualifications, consumer confidence, house prices, days on market, inventory levels, salaries, carrying costs, affordability, recession fears and more! What should you do? Check out the video to learn more.
Ep. 58_DOWNSIZING Your Home Tips: Pros and Cons
Thinking about Downsizing your home? What to know more…downsizing tips and tricks, the pros and cons of moving to a smaller house, and the process of how to downsize and live smaller, minimalist lifestyle. This video provides the information and strategies you need to know if you are considering downsizing, decluttering and moving to a smaller home.
Life changes! Events such as, divorce, employment changes, financial changes, children leaving the home, the loss of a loved one, loneliness, retirement, or even the simple act of growing older can prompt us to look for a smaller home that best suits our shifting needs and lifestyle. What ever the reasons are for your downsizing, the process can seem overwhelming. Sorting through a lifetime of possessions, decluttering and becoming minimal, can be emotionally and well physically exhausting. This video provides an overview of the process as well as a look into the pros and cons of downsizing your home, important points to consider when moving to a smaller home as well as some valuable downsizing tips. And in the end, hopefully you will discover the benefits of downsizing, that less is more … more comfort, more security, and more time and energy to spend on the activities and the people that you love.
EP. 57_ How to Secure a LOWER MORTGAGE RATE – 8 Strategies

Mortgage Interest rates have risen rapidly this past year, and many are already feeling the effects of interest rate increases. If you are worried about interest rate increases, this video will help you uncover eight winning strategies to help you secure the best available mortgage rate. Stay tuned to the end to get your FREE White Paper- Report titled 8 Strategies to Secure A Lower Mortgage Rate. You can use these tips starting today, to help you save money and get the lowest mortgage rate and product, when buying or refinancing your next property. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a home seller or investor this timely information will help you get a lower mortgage rate and better understand the process, when financing your next home purchase.

If you or someone you know is thinking of buying a home, you may be wondering what you can afford. While affordability is important, the real question is: What’s your buying power? In today’s video we will cover what makes up your buying power, how is it calculated, how does it affect your purchasing power and what 4 factors influence your overall buying power. As a bonus at the end of this video I will let you know how you can get our FREE REPORT - " What's Your Home Buying Power?" Buying a home in Toronto, GTA, Caledon or surrounding area? Your buying power is more than how much of your income you have available to make a mortgage payment; it also comprises how much you’ve saved for a down payment, the proceeds from a home sale and the amount you’re qualified to borrow
EP. 55_Costs When Buying a House | 11 Hidden Fees
Did you know there are 11 extra hidden costs when buying a home that are in addition to the purchase price? So, what are these costs? How much should you budget for so you don’t get caught short? In this video we will uncover these often-hidden costs.
The escape clause in real estate. Have you ever heard of a home that is sold with an escape clause and wondered what that means? In todays video, we will unpack "the escape clause". What is an escape clause, what it means, How does an escape clause work, an example of an escape clause scenario, when it is used and the positive and drawbacks to both buyers and sellers when using an escape clause in an agreement to purchase a home.
EP. 53 | Home buying Tips - 6 Top Advice Tips On How To Buy A House
Buying a home can be overwhelming and you want to make sure you know how to buy a home without making mistakes. Once you sign an offer and it is accepted, you have an agreement of Purchase and sale. Congratulations- you just bought a home. You maybe wondering what you should do next? This video gives Home Buyers six (6) tips on what they should do right after buying a house and signing their home purchase agreement. Whether you are a first time buyer, a real estate investor or a home seller this video is for you!
How to STAGE YOU HOME to sell | EP. 52
How to STAGE YOUR HOME for sale? You may be asking...What do you need to do to successfully stage your home? Why is staging a home important and what are the benefits of a staged home? What can I do to stage my home? How to stage your home to sell. How much does it cost to stage a home? What is the meaning of staging a home? and is home staging worth it? In this video we will cover how to stage your home for a successful sale. The dos and don’ts of home staging as well as some before and after pictures. Whether you are preparing your home to sell, or it is already on the market for sale, and you are feeling frustrated because of the lack of property showings and offers to buy, learning what to do to successfully stage your home will help you sell faster and for more money. According to a 2015 Home staging report, staged homes sell 87% faster than un-staged homes. In this video we will cover all the tips and tricks of staging your home to sell.
EP. 51- Real Estate Market Update | June 2022
Real Estate Market Update. What is happening in the real estate market? The greater Toronto area real estate market is shifting. In this episode we review market update stats for the Toronto GTA area and specifically for Peel Region- Mississauga, Caledon and Brampton; Halton Hills being Georgetown and Acton, Dufferin County -Orangeville for June 2022. Find out what the shift is, how the markets are performing and what the predictions are for the near future.
EP. 50 | Real Estate Deposits in Ontario
Real Estate Deposits in Ontario- . Learn about real estate deposit rules. What is a real estate deposit/ earnest money? How do deposits work? Find out when deposits are due. How are deposits paid? To whom are the deposits payable to? How much are real estate deposits? Are deposit funds refundable? Under what conditions can you get your deposit returned? Check out the video to learn all about deposits within real estate transactions in the province of Ontario, Canada.
EP 49. Client Experiences | Working with The Evelyn Lopes Realty Team
What is it like to work with The Evelyn Lopes Realty Team. Clients share their real estate experiences of working with Evelyn and her team.
EP 48 _ The housing market shift impact on buyers and sellers
There is a shift in the housing market. How does the housing market shift impact buyers and sellers? In this video discover what is happening in the Toronto GTA real estate market and how the changing market is specifically affecting both buyers and sellers and what they can expect during this shift in real estate market prices in the coming months of 2022.
EP# 47 | Toronto Housing Market Crash
There is a definite shift in the real estate market, nationally here in Canada, but locally here in Toronto and the GTA and surrounding communities of peel region (Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga, as well as Halton Hills, Erin and Orangeville. What is happening with home prices, mortgage rates, consumer confidence and home price values? Is the Toronto real estate market crashing? Is it in a free fall? What can we expect in the days and months ahead and what lead up to this market shift? In this video we will take a deep dive into the real estate market and put recent events into perspective. We will also go over home prices over the last few years and more importantly look forward to where they are expected to go.
EP # 45 Real Estate Market Changes in the GTA and Peel Region How it affects you
In the last few months, we have seen some definite changes to the real estate market, so what is happening in the real estate market and how does it affect me? That is the burning question on everyone’s mind lately …and in todays video we are going to dig a little deeper and discuss what going on nationally here in Canada but also more locally in the Toronto GTA and surrounding communities within Peel Region - Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon and how it affects you. If you like this information, hit the thumbs up and subscribe, so that we can get more great content out to more people. We put out a new video every week, so hit that bell. My name is Evelyn Lopes with the Evelyn Lopes Realty Team and iPro Realty, we provide information and interpretation of that information to your specific needs to support you in making informed and best decisions.
EP. 44 | How to Buy a Rural Property Need to Know
Have you been thinking about getting away from the hustle and bustle, congestion, faster pace, and noise of city living? Are you considering making a move to a place that is perhaps a little more off the grid, a place with some space, a piece of land to call your own? You maybe considering purchasing a rural / country property. If you are thinking of a move to the country, a rural or acreage property move- then this is a video you won’t want to miss.
EP. 43_ How to pick the right offer when selling your home
How to pick the right offer when selling your home. Whether it’s a hot seller’s competitive market and you are receiving multiple offers on your home, or it is a balanced market where you are dealing with a single offer, knowing what to look for and how to evaluate offers is a critical component of successfully selling your home. In today’s video I will share with you 7 key elements to review when evaluating an offer to purchase, so that you know, what specifically to look for in an offer and more importantly how to pick and negotiate the best offer when selling your home. You may be surprised… it’s not what you think.
EP. 41_ How to read MLS status abbreviations for TRREB-Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
Are you wondering and confused as to what all the MLS listing status abbreviations mean? Whether you are a home buyer or home seller, learning to read the Toronto area MLS listings will be helpful. In this video we will uncover what all those MLS listing status short forms mean and show you how to read the MLS listing sheets and what the definitions for the status short forms actually mean for the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board whose short abbreviated form acronym is TRREB. Learn how to read the MLS listing status abbreviations for TRREB, just like a Toronto realtor. The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board covers a wide area. On the North west our team- The Evelyn Lopes Realty Team with iPro Realty serves the areas of; Peel Region (Caledon, Brampton, Mississauga). Halton (Halton Hills- Georgetown and Acton, Milton), Dufferin (Orangeville, Mono, East Luther Grand Valley, East Garafraxa, Shelburne), Wellington (Centre Wellington- Belwood, Fergus, Elora, Erin, Guelph, Guelph Eramosa, Puslinch) and Simcoe (Adjala, New Tecumseth). We are members of several real estate boards and provide access to properties from a variety of sources.
Ep. 40_ 11 TIPS of What to Look For when viewing and Before Buying A Home!
Searching for a home can be overwhelming, however knowing what to look for can make the process simpler and more enjoyable and help you to avoid making costly home buying mistakes, I am sharing with the first time home buyers and home buyers in general, 11 Home Buying Tips- Things to look for when viewing and before purchasing a home. Stay tuned to the end, where I will also let you know how to get your free Cheat sheet- a checklist of items to look at, when viewing property, so that you don’t make common buying mistakes. You can download this checklist and take it with you when viewing homes, so that you will know exactly what to inspect and look for when viewing and buying real estate. The real estate advice shared in this video will show you how to buy a house and avoid some costly common home buyer mistakes.
Ep. 39 Just Bought a House What's Next 19 Tips and Mistakes to avoid
You just bought a house and maybe wondering what’s next? What should I do after just buying a house? What are some tips when you just bought a home? IN this video, you will get 19 practical tips to follow when you just bought a home and before you move in. Following these tips will make the moving process simpler and more enjoyable. Avoid costly moving mistakes by using these tips.
Ep. 38 What are the 5 key steps for downsizing your home?- How to checklist
What are the 5 key steps for downsizing your home?
Thinking about downsizing? Retirement, lifestyle, divorce, loss of job, finances, health, and the simpler things in life are all considerations for downsizing.
If you are thinking of downsizing, you maybe asking yourself, how to downsize my home? How do I know that moving to a smaller home is right for me? What are the steps involved in downsizing my home? What are the pros and cons for downsizing my home?... There is a lot to consider if you are thinking of making a move. Check out this video to learn more about the process of moving to a smaller home. 
Ep. 37 How to find the right home for your next stage in life!
The only constant in life is change! In this video we discuss the various stages in life and the considerations one should think about during each stage in terms of housing needs. No one wants to regret their home purchase and taking the time now to think about exactly what you need can save a lot of heartache later...
Ep 36. What are the 3 Options for Buyers & Sellers When Reviewing Offers to Purchase Real Estate
Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, you may be wondering what your options are when reviewing Offers to Purchase Real Estate. In this video we uncover the three options that both buyers and sellers have when negotiating real estate transactions. In addition we will answer the question- "Do Sellers have to accept an offer to purchase if the price offered is full list price or above?" This question is top of mind for both parties of an Agreement to Purchase Real Estate, especially in todays tight inventory and hot real estate market- Find out the answer to this important question. Check out the video Episode 36 - What are the 3 Options for Buyers and Sellers When Reviewing and negotiating Offers to Purchase Real Estate and how to negotiate offers and counter-offers. Find out more….- check out this informative video.
Ep 35. Tips How to prepare your home for a Buyer property viewing or Open House
As a home seller you want your home to make a positive first impression to potential home buyers. In this video you will find out how to get your home ready to show and sell in just a few minutes! Get information and quick tips to properly prepare your home for a homebuyer property viewing or an open house. Plus, as an added bonus -Access your free Property Prep For Home Showing Checklist below. Find out more….- check out this informative video.
What information is required for a rental application _EP. 34
Are you a tenant searching for a rental property? Or are you a real estate investor/ landlord looking to lease out your property? In this informational video for landlords and tenants, we explore what information is required when renting a property. A standard Ontario Real Estate Association Residential Rental Application is also provided in the attachments.
Find out more….- check out this informative video.
Ep. 33 What is the difference between List Price and Sale Price and why is there a big difference?
What is the difference between a homes list price and it’s sale price? and why are they sometimes so drastically different? In this informational video for home buyers, home sellers and real estate investors, we explore what factors come into play when selling your home? how sellers are setting the list price of a house? and also, uncovering why there may be a big difference in List Price vs Sale Price? Whether you are a home buyer, home seller or investor this real estate information and insight will help you to understand list price vs sale price and how marketing strategies effect the pricing of homes? Get all your questions answered- check out this informative video.
Ep. 32 What is the difference between Downpayment and Deposit?
Money! It’s an important component of the home buying process. A frequent question buyers ask, especially first-time buyers is “When is the money due and What is the difference between down payment and deposit?” In this video the difference between down payment and deposit is defined. Who are the characters involved and who gets what and when and why? Get all your questions answered- check out this informative video.
Ep. 31 What Top 5 Tips will Sell Your Home in 2022?
Are you thinking of selling your home in the 2022 real estate market?

Did you know that there are five top home selling tips that realtors use to sell homes fast?

These 5 essential ingredients comprise the formula for the successful sale of your home.

Find out what you need to consider and implement when you are selling your home. This video will give you the information, strategies, tips and tricks realtors use and savvy home sellers incorporate to sell their home fast and for more money.
7.1 Things not to do when you just bought a home
Are you a first-time buyer or has it been a while since you last bought a home? Uncover the 7.1 Things not to do when you just bought a home. You finally found the home of your dreams. You submitted your offer, negotiated the agreement and congratulations you just bought a home! Did you know that there are several things to avoid doing when buying a home? Don’t make these 7.1 critical mistakes. Find out the right way to buy a home and ensure that it closes on time. This video will give you tips and advice on buying a home and avoiding the dreaded home buyer mistakes.
Holding Offers- Real Estate Multiple Offers- What you need to know!
The real estate market is always changing. You may have heard of the term “Holding Offers” and are wondering what does that mean? In this video we will explain the “Holding Offer” marketing strategy, how it works and what is means for both Buyers and Sellers.
4 Types of Homeownership Explained!
When it comes to homes & home ownership there are a variety of types of properties and different ways in which you can own them- or parts of them. ??
One of your biggest decisions when looking for a home will be determining what type of property style AND what type of ownership best suits you and your family.

In this video we are going to break it down and explain the differences.

Top 5 Types of House Styles
When it comes to buying a home, one of your decisions will be to determine what type of house style best suits you and the needs of your family. ??
In this video we are going to break it down and explain the Top 5 Types of House Styles and the pros and cons of each style. In addition, we will review the different types of houses, provide pictures and definitions of each style of home that is most popular in the Toronto GTA, Canada area.
5 Main Styles of Homes (Detached, semi-detached, townhomes, multi-unit and Condominium) learn about these styles, their description and the characteristics of each type.
2022 Real Estate Market Update and Outlook for Toronto GTA West
We are a few weeks into the new year and you maybe wondering – What is the current state of the real estate market and what is going to happen with home prices in 2022?

In this video we will review and recap the real estate market for 2021 and look into what is currently happening in terms of homes for sale, homes recently sold, average prices and what factors will effect the market in the coming months. Whether you are a first time buyer, a real estate investor or a home seller this video is for you!
How to Buy A Home | 6 Tips for Home Buyers | What to do When You Just Bought a Home
Buying a home can be overwhelming and you want to make sure you know how to buy a home without making mistakes. Once you sign an offer and it is accepted, you have an agreement of Purchase and sale. ??
Congratulations - you just bought a home. You maybe wondering what you should do next? This video gives Home Buyers six (6) tips on what they should do right after buying a house and signing their home purchase agreement.

Whether you are a first time buyer, a real estate investor or a home seller this video is for you!
9 Tips to get your Real Estate offer accepted in a competitive market!
Buying a home? ??

Find out How to get your real estate offer accepted in a competitive or balanced market! ????

These 9 strategies will help you get your offer Accepted, win the bid and help you buy your dream home! These tips work especially well in a Multiple Offer situation. ??

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Are you thinking about Moving to Caledon Ontario Canada? ??
Caledon is a beautiful community, located just outside of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Located within the Region of Peel. Caledon offers numerous benefits to residents and savvy home buyers. ??

Watch this video to find out the 5 Reasons why you should move to Caledon- PLUS we have thrown in a bonus 6th reason why Caledon might be the perfect choice for you and your family. Learn all about what Caledon has to offer you. ????
When is the best time to Sell Your House?
I am asked on a weekly basis, "When is the best time to move?".. ??

The answer is, it depends! 

As families experience life changes that involve a move, they are often overwhelmed by the process, I am an experienced realtor who successfully helps families navigate the process of a move so that they can make best and informed decisions for themselves and their families, so that they can live the life of their dreams in the home of their dreams... 

Watch this video and know more about the right time to sell!
Top 6 Reno tips when Selling your House!
Not ready to sell but thinking about renovating?  ??

Here are some tips for you that will add to your home value and also prepare your home the moment you are ready to sell it. Win-win, isn't it!? ??
The Difference between a Mortgage Pre-qualification & Pre-approval
What's the Diff? Thinking of buying a home?

Do You Know....
What's the Difference between a Mortgage Pre-Qualification and a Mortgage Pre-Approval?

There is a Huge Difference !!
and One has Superior Benefits for you! Check out the video below to learn more...
Quick Tips for a Safer Home
Home Safety Alert!

Properties without a monitored security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized.

So if you don’t have one installed, you should look into other safety measures ASAP!

Check out this video for some quick tips you can use today to deter home invaders, and get even more suggestions in our recent BLOG POST
The Security Device You Probably Own But Aren’t Using
Did you know that you can scare off a home intruder with your television?

And you don’t have to be as crafty as Kevin McCallister in the movie “Home Alone.”

Surveys show that the sight or sound of a TV playing inside a home can be enough to deter some burglars. So try connecting yours to a timer or smart plug to create a simple but effective security device.

For more home security tips, check out our latest BLOG POST
Home Inspection - What you Need to Know
Have you ever gone through Home Inspection?

Here's what you need to know about it and how it's done. You can also get a free instant report on Home Inspection at
Find out the 3 Key Factors necessary in order to save on your next home purchase - FREE INSIDERS REPORT!
5 Steps to Sell Your Home
Considering selling your home in this whirlwind of a market? ????

Start with these 5 easy steps:
- Understand your negotiating power
- Declutter and make necessary repairs
- Gather your paperwork
- Accept that compromise is inevitable
- Enlist help from a pro early
3 Ways to Stress Less in a Hot Housing Market
Feeling burned by this hot housing market? ??

Watch this video for three ways to stress less and (dare we say) actually enjoy the process of buying or selling your home.

Our top tip? Lean on a professional to delegate the complexities of a transaction so you can focus on getting into the right headspace. With the right agent in your corner, you CAN get through this without burning out or worrying that you won’t get the timing right.
Home Appraisal vs Inspection
Do you know the difference between Home Appraisal and Home Inspection?

Watch the video to find out!

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What Type Of Market Are We In? And What's My Home Worth Today?
Are you wondering what type of market are we in today? Do you want to know the value of your home? And are you constantly seeking for market trends and updates?

Then this video is for you!
Home Seller's Guide
Are you ready to sell your home? ??

Watch this video to know if you're ready and to know some of the critical components to consider before selling your home!
Buying a Home with a Pool Tips, Maintenance & Costs
Are you thinking about buying a home with a pool? Look no further! In this informative, must watch video, we shared some invaluable tips and insights to help you make an informed decision. Discover the pros and cons of pool ownership, maintenance insights, cost considerations and must ask questions when either building your own pool; or buying a home with a pool already installed. 
HOME INSPECTIONS Essential Tips and Common Mistakes
Have you ever found your dream home, only to encounter unexpected nightmares after the deal is done? Or are you a seller whose perfectly staged home is now facing the daunting Home Inspection process? Don't worry, because today's episode is tailored just for you! Join us as we dive deep into the foundation of every real estate transaction – the Home Inspection. It's a subject often misunderstood and dreaded by both buyers and sellers, but we're here to demystify it for you.